Facelift Surgery Korea

Face lifting benefits those who:
  • Have eyelids that are recessed.
  • Want to get fuller cheeks and reverse sunken cheeks
  • Desires to rectify an inverted triangle face shape.
  • Desires for better smile lines.
  • Wants to appear younger.
  • Has sagging and loose skin.
  • Have a recessed or irregular forehead.

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    MACS Lift

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    Smas Lift

    The SMAS facelift has a more profound effect in comparison to the macs lift despite..

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    Ribbon Lift

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    What is Face Lift?

    Face lift is the best anti aging surgery to dramatically improved the signs of aging to give you a more youthful appearance. Sagging, wrinkles, and deep creases can all be corrected with an experienced face lifting surgeon. Not just for older patients, some younger patients who experience pre mature aging for various reasons can also benefit from a face lift.

    Face lifting is a complex surgery and the problem areas must be determined to give the patient a proper diagnosis. Only with a detailed assessment can the proper and most suitable face lifting procedures be recommended.

    How we can help
    Because face lifting is a complicated surgery, there is little room for error. Our job is to eliminate the margin of error by:
    • Detailed facial assessment to identify problem areas
    • Test for skin elasticity and facial muscle strength. This helps to give an accurate diagnosis of why your face is sagging so the best method to reverse your aging can be determined
    • Realistic analysis of limitations and what can be achieved for your facial structure.
    • Assign you the best surgeons who specialize in the face lifting procedures you require to give you a more youthful appearance
    • Few years ago I had an accident which fractured my nose. My nose before the accident was naturally shorter but it was a nice shapely asian nose. All I wanted was a bit of alar reduction and to correct my deviation. I made it clear that I was not comfortable with having an implant because I am scared... * View more

      Janeta Ong
      Janeta OngHong Kong
    • My dad has male pattern baldness. My Uncle has it. My brothers have it. It runs in our family. I have heard god awful stories about scars from hair transplant surgery and was always reluctant. However I tried propecia rogaine nothing was working. Its also unfortunate that I do not have that much hai... * View more

      jason ng
      Jason NgHong Kong

    *These photos are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results can vary greatly from patient to patient. We do not guarantee specific surgical results.

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    Patients’ Story

    Few years ago I had an accident which fractured my nose. My nose before the accident was naturall...

    Janeta Ong
    Hong Kong

    My dad has male pattern baldness. My Uncle has it. My brothers have it. It runs in our family. I ...

    Jason Ng
    Hong Kong

    I've always been insecure about my big face.  mi-seoul spent lots of time listening to what I wa...

    Nattiga Charanrat

    You guys know how sometimes when you smile your nostrils get super huge? That was my problem and ...

    Serena Ng

    I was unfortunate enough to be born with a short upturned nose like my mum. It has always made be...

    Cheng Kee Wei

    Best decision I have ever made is to come to Korea for a full makeover. Eyes nose, facial contour...

    Haji Razak
    Kuala Lumpur

    I always looked grouchy because of wonky jaw. I had all the bad facial expressions on my face and...

    Karen Murray

    I was always bullied in highschool because the boys would call me surfboard and ironing board. Al...

    Denise Yoo

    I've used another medical agency in the past and the agent just dumped me at the hospital and nev...

    Sandy Poon
    Hong Kong

    I got weight problem before and want to lose weight. mi-seoul take me to weight loss hospital and...

    Fari Joy
    Kuala Lumpur