Ribbon Lift

In the Ribbon lift procedure, a tissue holding device is used for perking up the jowl and neck tissues in such a position that they seem more young-looking and raised. This technique can be applied to any face type and can instantly take the shape of any gentle and angular facial contours because of the flexibility of material. This method gives a firmer lift than the traditional thread lift because the threads are fixed deep in the tissues.

Fat graft benefits those who:

  1. Have eyelids that are recessed.
  2. Want to get fuller cheeks.
  3. Desires to rectify an inverted triangle face shape.
  4. Desires for better smile lines.
  5. Wants to appear younger.
  6. Wishes to have a high nose instead of a flat one.
  7. Have a reces foreheadsed or irregular.

There are a few key points to understand when selecting the best surgeon for your fat graft. Contact Mi-Seoul (link) for more information.

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