Buccal Fat Removal

The reduction of buccal fat pads usually is typically performed under sedation or twilight anesthesia. The approach for removing the buccal fat pad is through an incision in the mouth, towards the back of the buccal cavity against the inner cheek wall. This creates an opening to the for access to the buccal fat pads. What follows is the application of pressure to the exterior of the cheek, which manipulates the buccal fat out inner cheek wall. The surgeon then removes the desired about of fat pad with foreceps. Upon extraction, the fat pads are resected according to the desired needs of the patient and incisions are sutured up with dissolable stitches.


This procedure is great for individuals who have strong muscles and skin elasticity but an excess of buccal fat pads. Doing so will allow for contoured and slimmer aesthetic. Older patients or younger patients who are experiencing premature aging should perhaps consider other alternatives to achieving a slimmer facial contour as this procedure.

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