Zygoma Arch

The lateral aspect of the cheekbone is responsible for making the width of the face seem wider than it actually is. If this region is protruded forward, frontal face will seem to be heavy and provide for an unbalanced aesthetic.


By adopting the scalp approach method just above the ear or by making cuts in the area just in front of the ear along the hairline, the procedure to rotate the cheekbone inward and move the zygoma arch area inward can be carried out. The zygoma can tend me repositioned inward.

In most cases, both the body and the arch are over developed. Therefore, surgery is often performed on both parts. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the extent of protrusion of the cheekbone.

Surgery is carried out to reduce the projection of the cheek bone on both the developed arch and body by excising the surface of the protruded bone. However, there are limitations to how much excision can occur in cases where the excision required is greated than the bone denisity. In such an event it may be difficult to obtain sufficient results. Therefore, it is required to control the degree of protrusion of the bone through three-dimensional move of location while maintaining the original appearance of the Zygoma. Contact Mi-Seoul for a professional assessment.

* Surgery on the body of zygoma is performed through the incision of mucous membrane inside the mouth, that through incision of the scalp above the ear or incision in front of the ear for the zygoma arch. Size of incision is small and the incision line will be faded in time, making them almost invisible. Moreover, incision line is difficult to see because it is hidden by hair.

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