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Name: Cecelia Cai
Country: Singapore
Cecelia Cai:

Hello I have inquries which are not answered in your procedure information page about eye surgery. If you can answer for me thank you.

1) What is the price difference between incison and non incision?

2) How long is recovery difference between incision and non incision

3) I went to see doctors in Singapore they all say I need ptosis. If I do incision do I still need ptosis because they non incision doesn't last as long as incision I heard

Thank you very much waiting your response



Dear Cecelia,

                      here are the responses to your inquiries. We hope you find them helpful

1) Depending on the clinic, seniority of assigned surgeon and complexity of your eyelids, the price difference can range from as low as 500 000 KRW to 1 million KRW.

2) Everyone has a different rate of healing but there is approximately one to two weeks apart in recovery. The incisional eyelid method tends to require a slightly longer downtime.

3) If you require ptosis for non incisional DES then you will also require ptosis for incisional DES. Ptosis is not about the results being long lasting. Ptosis is to correct drooping of the eyelid due to weakened muscle. It helps with symmetry too. 

Non incisional isn't temporary. There are cases where the stitch has come out but using advanced suturing techniques would greatly diminish this risk. Whether incision or non incisional is suitable for you would require a consultation where we address the results you want to achieve and the condition of your current eyes. If you would like you can send us an e-mail to with the photo of your eyes and we can do an assessment for you.



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