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Name: Chen Huang Yee
Country: Hong Kong
Chen Huang Yee:

Hello I want to go to Korea to do face lifting. Is there a not so invasive way to do it? I am 35 years old only but I got a bit of sagging in my mid cheek and lower jaw. I am thinking of thread lift. Can I get advice on price and how good thread lift is?



Hi Chen Huang Yee,

                               please e-mail to a picture of your face from the front, 45 degree and side view. After that we can assess whether the thread lift is suitable for you. However, generally if your sagging is at the mid cheek area, thread lifts are actually not that effective and do not tend to last long. We usually recommend a mini mid face lift targetting that area specifically to give a proper lift. We also need to assess the tissues which are sagging of course to determine how deep the layers of sagging require correction. Lets start with your pictures and go from there.



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