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Name: Diana Bailey
Country: Australia
Diana Bailey:

Hello how are you? I have some questions hoping you could answer. Searched all over but couldn't find any resources for it.

Can a Caucasian get cheekbone reduction? I haven't seen many non asians getting cheek reduction and am wondering why and should there be something concerning?

How much is a cheekbone reduction and is it safe? What type of anesthesia is used?

Thanks I look forward to your response


Hi Diana Bailey,

Here's the answers to your questions:

Q: Can a caucasian get a cheekbone reduction?

A: Yes, we have had patients of European and East Indian descent before for cheekbone reduction. The results are great.

Q:  I haven't seen many non asians getting cheek reduction and am wondering why and should there be something concerning?

A: Reason why it is not common for non asians to get zygoma reductions is because wide protruding cheekbones occur far more often amongst asians. In asian culture too the notion of a small face is appreciated whilst many westerners prefer the high arched cheekbones. Asians also have flatter faces which additionally adds to the width of their appearance.

For caucasians usually the reduction does not have to be too dramatic because of an already dimensional face. The strength of a caucasian's mid facial structure also makes the risk of sagging less concerning.

Q: How much is a cheekbone reduction and is it safe?

A: A cheekbone reduction is very safe. We also ensure the highest quality health screening and safety protocols. 

Pricing depends on the type of cheekbone reduction you require. For example, are you correcting on the lateral bone or the frontal bone or the zygoma arch too?

Generally speaking it costs between 4.3-5.8million KRW. For detailed pricing and facial analysis please send us your front, side and 45 degree pictures to

Q: What type of anesthesia is used?

A: Deep sedation or general anesthesia depending on the method used.



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