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Name: Minnie Wong
Country: United States
Minnie Wong:

Hi I am making an inquiry for my mother. She is 60 years old seeking to look younger with a face lift. She wants her eyebags removed too. Can face lift do that? 

She has high blood pressure and old so I am worried if the surgery would be safe for her?

How much is a face lift? Our budget is around 15000 usd is that enough?



Good day Minnie Wong,

For patients in their 60s who have high blood pressure, we will provide a free complimentary health screening. Only after your mother is cleared from the health screening will she be allowed to have surgery.

Eyebag surgery is seperate but can easily be performed and addressed at the same time. We bulk and package the price to make it more affordable. Typically a full SMAS face lift (which is what your mother would require as a 60 year old) costs 7-11.5 million korean won and the eyebag for older patients costs 3-5 million korean won. The price range would depend on the extent of your mother's lift. A more extensive lift would require longer operation hours so that is the reason for the range in price. Another reason would be the seniority of the operating surgeon. Naturally a more reputable and experienced surgeon will cost more. 

Your budget of 15 000 USD is overpriced. We can offer you a far more reasonable packaged price for your mother's procedures. In some situations we can even offer prices below the average price range depending on how straightforward your mother's procedure is. 

Why don't you start by sending us photos of your mother to We will work out a pricing package for you which can greatly lower your budget. We can also discuss which surgeons would be suitable for your mother. 



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