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    What is Facial Fat Reduction?

    Facial fat reduction in Korea is available through different procedures. The most common methods are acculift and buccal fat removal. these procedures can help you achieve a slimmer and more defined face by removing the pockets of fat which conceal your facial features. Take a look below for an overview of the two procedures. To find out which method is more suited to achieving the look you desire, contact mi-seoul today.

    Why Mi-Seoul for Facial Fat Reduction?

    Facial Reduction reduction is an intricate procedure. If too little is removed the results are not satisfactory. If too much is removed it could leave the patient with assymetry and hollowness, giving an caused and sagging appearance. At Mi-Seoul we work with the Best Korean Plastic Surgeons from the Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea who frequently perform facial fat reduction procedures. Rest assured that your will love your results at the skilled hands of our surgeons. Contact us today for a free consultation


    The reduction of buccal fat pads usually is typically performed under sedation or twilight anesthesia. Theapproach for removing the buccal fat pad is through an incision in the mouth, towards the back of the buccal cavity against the inner cheek wall. This creates an opening to the for access to the buccal fat pads.

    What follows is the application of pressure to the exterior of the cheek, which manipulates the buccal fat out inner cheek wall. The surgeon then removes the desired about of fat pad with foreceps. Upon extraction, the fat pads are resected according to the desired needs of the patient and incisions are sutured up with dissolable stitches.

    This procedure is great for individuals who have strong muscles and skin elasticity but an excess of buccal fat pads. Doing so will allow for contoured and slimmer aesthetic.

    Older patients or younger patients who are experiencing premature aging should perhaps consider other alternatives to achieving a slimmer facial contour as this procedure.


    The volume reduction and sculpting of the face, including the neck and jowl can be efficiently achieved using AccuLift™. A laser having 1444nm wavelength designed specially to emulsify the adipose tissue is used in this procedure. The energy from the laser helps to melt the fat underthe targeted skin. This treatment is very effective as the technology makes use of dual absorption for both fat and water. TheAccuLift™ stands out among all other lipolysis lasers.

    In other lasers the heat spreads out to the neighbouring areas causing discomfort, but when using AccuLift™, the heatis confined only to the desired area.

    AccuLift™ can be used to treat melolabial folds, submentum, nasolabial folds and jowls and can be applied to all skin types. The entire procedure takes around 20-40 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated.

    To start the treatment, the subcutaneous planeis made numb using diluted anaesthesia after which the melting of fat is started along with the sculpting and contouring of the face usinga cannula and the removal of excess fat.

    Better results are obtained in patients who are suffering from early aging signs in the lower part of the face, with the results being long-lasting. The procedure is ended by applying compression dressing along with a small bandageon the cut. Around 4-5 days of downtime is experienced by patients after the treatment.

    How we can help
    • Identify fat pockets in your face which needs to be corrected
    • Facial anatomy assessment
    • Skin elasticity test to decide which facial fat reduction method is most suitable for you
    • choose the top surgical specialist to perform the most strategic fat reduction plan for your facial structure
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    *These photos are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results can vary greatly from patient to patient. We do not guarantee specific surgical results.

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